MuSkLE Summer School 2024

Du 02/06/2024 au 07/06/2024

Lyon - France


Muscle mechanical properties
Baptiste Morel, Assistant Professor, LIBM, Chambéry, France.
Sylvain Dorel, Professor, MIP, Nantes, France
Thomas Boudou, Researcher, Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics, Grenoble, France

Skeletal muscle energy metabolism during exercise
Damien Freyssenet, Professor, LIBM, Saint-Etienne, France.
Damien Roussel, Professor, LEHNA, Lyon, France
Vanina Romanello, Assistant Professor, VIMM, Padova, Italy

Meeting with industrial experts in Health and Performance
Jean Bernard Fabre, Funder and CEO, HumanFab
Charles Etienne Benoît, Assistant Professor, BeatHealth
Céline Delloye-Bourgeois, co-funder, Oncofactory
Jérôme Feige, Vice-director, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences

Scientific integrity & AI
Marie-Hélène Lafage-Proust, Professor, Sainbiose, Saint-Etienne, France
Thomas Christen, Researcher, GIN, Grenoble, France

Animal models of movement
Florence Ruggiero, Senior Researcher, IGFL, Lyon, France
Jonathan Enriquez, Researcher, IGFL, Lyon, France
Pavan Ramdya, Professor, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzlerland

For Women in Science
Pauline Nauroy, Responsible for national scientific actions, The Foundation For Rare Diseases, Paris, France

From neural activation to muscle contraction
Bruno Allard, Professor, INMG, Lyon, France
Christophe Hautier, Professor, LIBM, Lyon, France
Arnaud Jacquier, Researcher, INMG, Lyon, France

Skeletal muscle regeneration
Yan Burelle, Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada
Sophie Rome, Senior Researcher, CARMEN, Lyon, France
Joana Esteves De Lima, Reseacher, IMRB, Créteil, France